21. A Sacred union of love

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Chitra wanted to take a walk to free her mind but her feet still hurt from standing! She quietly sat on the bed trying her best not to bite her fingers off. She felt warm from inside, both excited and scared about the fact that she will be married in a few seconds.

Yesterday a lot had happened and recalling it only made her more nervous. Vikram woke up after a long sleep and was complaining like an old man about his body aches which made her laugh. He cracked a few jokes with Chitra which shocked everyone, Vikram was never the type to joke around but the medicines made him do that. She was waiting to see his expressions when he realised what he did.

Last night when Arjuna came to check upon her he stood near bed saying he had something important to talk about. He explained about there being no auspicious days till the next month and the only day left was tomorrow. He got to know this because of Lalita devi; the healer as she was the wife of a Pandit. When she didn't reply anything he spoke in a low voice.

" I understand it is too much to take in but I can do something if you don't want to marry me. "

" No! " Chitra almost shouted, was he thinking that she doesn't want to marry him? Now after realising that she was in love with him she will not be able to survive without him!

"No? " His face paled as he looked shocked. all the colour drained away from his face. "Um.. okay, should I arrange transportation-" His words trailed off as Chitra piped in.

" No! I mean yes! I mean.." Chitra tried to explain to him but gave up frustrated and angry that she couldn't even answer properly.

When he understood what she meant, he laughed and bent forward and kissed her forehead, " I understood love, don't worry. "

Her face brightened as her eyes twinkled with happiness. His heart skipped a beat seeing her happy, he could never compare her beautiful smile to anything in this world and would give away anything in return to see her this happy.

Before leaving he kissed her on her cheek almost touching the corner of her lips, her eyes widened realising that he had almost kissed her on lips, " Have sweet dreams princess. " Saying he left the room. Leaving her blushing like a tomato.

* * *

She was dressed in a plain red saree as it was not possible to find anything grand but she was content. She always wanted to have a simple marriage, a loving husband and a loving family. Heat made its way to her cheeks as she remembered last night. Would he be always like this? Loving and caring?

" Hmm..why are you blushing like a tomato? Don't tell me he tried something naughty before the wedding! " The healer bent forward pinching Chitra's cheeks as she teased her. Chitra just laughed blushing.

" Come on now, it's time for you to go to the temple. "

It was very difficult for Chitra to walk to the temple, though it was almost right beside the house she stayed in.

The temple was not as big as the one in their kingdom but it was beautiful. She slowly stepped inside and she saw Vikram sitting in a corner with a smug smile on his face. She could never thank Vikram enough, he made his way to the temple even though he was hurt just to see her getting married.

She carefully sat beside Arjuna while he did the rituals, the smile on his face was so contagious that she found herself smiling. The temple had very few people and was very calm that Chitra missed Meenamma's rant but she knew for sure that she would always be happy for her.

When the pandit was busy reciting the Vedas Arjuna leaned towards her, whispering in a low voice as his lips almost touched her ear, " How come my wife is so beautiful even in a cotton saree?"

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