22. Our Kingdom.

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The kingdom's entrance was grandly decorated with various flowers for their welcome. Chitra couldn't even identify most of them. Is it possible that these beautiful flowers are grown in this kingdom?

Lush Green fields and tall trees came into sight as the chariot ran through the muddy path, the cool breeze and the smell of wet mud filled her nostrils. She inhaled deeply, it was like the smell after a rain which she always loved. Can she find a home here?

" Your kingdom is so beautiful!" Chitra exclaimed as she looked outside in a daze.

Arjuna stroked her fingers in his hand as he spoke, " It is our kingdom now. "

Chitra smiled as her cheeks flushed.

"Chitra, keep your feet here." Arjuna said, indicating his lap and Chitra was mortified.

"What?" She asked, to make sure that she had heard him right.

He shook his head and lifted her legs in a swift and put them across his lap.

"W-what are you doing?" Saying she tried to pull her legs back but he only pulled her close by her waist as she almost sat on his lap.

She blushed knowing that she was almost on his lap.

"If you remove your feet again, I will have to kiss you as a punishment Princess!" Saying Arjuna opened a small cloth bag and took out a tiny bronze box. It has some medicinal herbs in it. He started to unwrap the cloth around her foot,

"A husband is not supposed to touch his wife's feet! " Chitra said frowning, " I can apply that myself-"

Arjuna bent forward and pecked her lips and Chitra went still. She went in a trance as Arjuna completed his job of applying medicine and tying the cloth intact, did she imagine him kissing her?

" Here," Arjuna said, slowly putting her feet down, " It's all done now."

Slowly a thought popped in her brain. She put her feet back in his lap, as she pouted, " That was not a kiss! " She complained.

Arjuna laughed as he pulled her forward and made her sit on his lap, he slowly ran his thumb over her lower lip as he spoke, "Hmm.. here I thought my wife was an innocent soul? Such a naughty queen she is!"

He bent forward pulling her closer as their foreheads touched and at that moment nothing matters for Arjuna, he could spend his life anywhere, even in a poor hut but all he needs is this woman beside him, for forever.

* * *

Stand straight like a pole, like a pillar, like a tree, wait a second! Trees swing! No she can't move, she shouldn't. Chitra kept repeating those words in her brain, like a mantra. They reached the palace almost half an hour ago, Arjuna's mother, Rajamatha Padmasri, stood in front of them, speaking nothing. She didn't even talk to Arjuna which made Chitra even more nervous.

Of course, she will never be impressed. Chitra didn't look like a princess, she was dressed in a plain Cotton saree unlike everyone around. Her hair was flying everywhere due to the wind and also she wore simple red glass bangles instead of golden bangles like a princess was supposed to.

Her eyes narrowed as she stood in a perfect position which radiated her power. Chitra realised that she was not a jovial person like Arjuna, which made her stand in a stiff position.

Chitra turned her head when she heard a tiny jingling sound of payal, she could see a silhouette of a woman running towards them with an Aarthi plate in her hands.

" That's my sister Nandhini, told you right? She is always hyperactive." Arjuna murmured as low as possible so his mother cannot hear them.

Nandhini stood in front of them, trying not to fall with that heavy plate in her hands, her light green ghagra was not helping her. Chitra almost laughed looking at her, she was so adorable. When she noticed Chitra, she gave her a full smile which brought Chitra the feeling of being welcomed.

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