27. Queen Chitra

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Vikram ran through the royal hallways clutching Nandhini in his arms, it has started to scare him that she was unconscious. Will she be okay? What did he do! Why did he had to be that rude and harsh on her?

Nandhini was always strong, she never once gave up on anything but now she did! It was just because of him, he is the only one to blame.

" W-what happened!!" The royal physician looked scared as he saw her.

" She has cut her arm. Do everything to save her! If anything goes wrong, I will kill you with my bare hands!!"

" Okay " He squeaked as he started his treatment.

Vikram was pacing outside in panic and then Ratan showed up.

" What happened Vikram!" Ratan screamed holding his collar.

"Nand-nandhini committed suicide for me, as you know this realationship is not possible so I tried to explain and-" Vikram broke down and started crying wondering would he ever be able to see her smile again? Or listen to her sweet laughter?

" God! Now Princess Nandhini's reputation is in trouble! She might never be married or worse she might be banished from the kingdom, what should we do? " Ratan started wondering.

His words brought life to Vikram's fears, he always thought her reputation would be soiled if she marries him. But now one way or the other it is happening.

" I don't know Ratan! I will do anything for her! " He moved back and forward pacing.

" Anything? " Ratan asked as he stood narrowing his eyes.

" Anything! I will do everything for her! Tell me if you have a way! "

* * *

Arjuna reached the royal inframatory to see Ratan Chaining Vikram and that scene made Chitra run forward.

" What happened! Why are you arresting Vikram? " Chitra asked with fear filled in her eyes.

" He tried to kill Nandhini! " Ratan shouted as he took his sword out to slash his head making Vikram kneel down on his knees.

" Never! " Chitra also shouted with the same pitch, " Vikram would never do that! Nandhini and Vikram lov-"

" I did it " Vikram announced, stopping Chitra from talking further.

" How dare you! " Arjuna moved forward and started hitting Vikram with all his force. And soon Ratan also started hitting him.

Crying Chitra begged them to stop, but no one was in a mood to hear. Rajamatha Padma was crying her heart out sitting in front of her daughter.

Vikram spit out blood as he fell to the ground helpless. That moment all the patience in Chitra broke.

" Stop! " Chitra screamed.

And slowly everyone stopped. Arjuna turned towards her, anger was flooding down his face.

" Chitra! Stop interfering in this matter and leave this to-" Arjuna started his angry speech but Chitra moved forward and placed her hand on his mouth.

" Arjuna, " Chitra whispered lowly, " Your mother and sister need you now, go to them. I promise, I promise as a Queen of this kingdom that I won't deal with this matter with my emotions. So please go." Saying she squeezed his hand in assurance, trusting her Arjuna walked inside to his sister.

Chitra slowly walked towards Ratan,

" Minister Ratan, why do you think Vikram has attempted to kill Nandhini? " She asked in a frim tone.

" He has feelings for princess Nandhini, when he got to know that she is being married he attacked her."

" Any evidence? "

" Yes, this soldier here has witnessed this heinous crime take place. "

Chitra noticed that he has worn a metal armour which indicates that these guards are supposed to guard the palace from outside.

" You, what are you doing inside the palace leaving your duty? That to near the princess chambers? "

He gulped visibly, dots of sweat forming on his forehead making her understand he is a nothing but a cover, a cover which Ratan has set up.

When he didn't answer, she clapped her hands calling for a soldier.

" Take him to the dungeons, for trespassing the royal quarters and for not fulfilling his duty. "

"And Vikram, you. Speak the truth! Are you the one who did this to Nandhini? " She asked in the same ordering tone. But she was praying in her mind for Vikram to cross it out, she was praying that he should speak the truth.

" Yes I did."

Chitra flinched at his lie. She wanted to shake his shoulders and make him speak the truth. But she can't, she has to deal this like a queen, not like his sister.

" Take him to the dungeons- "

" My queen! We will have to behead him now and kill him this instant! This is a royal issue and according to our kingdom rules-"

" I may not know your kingdom rules Ratan! But I am fully aware about my duty! And you are being suspended from your position for a week because of your recklessnes towards this investigation!"

She looked at the soldiers in a corner, "Take Vikram to the dungeons." Chitra moved forward, close to them and whispered in a dangerously low voice, "Inform the incharges that if anyone even lays a finger on him, their queen will skin them out alive. Understood?"

Nodding their heads in fear they took Vikram with them and left for the dungeons.

Defeated, Chitra walked inside as she saw a pale Nandhini sleeping.

Chitra could only go to this extent to save their love. She had sent that soldier to jail and suspended Ratan preventing him from doing anything. If Vikram has decided to give up on his love even after Nandhini survives this, she won't be able to do anything.

After all, can love survive? Without any fight or efforts from both of the sides?


True right? Love won't survive without any efforts.

And did you notice? Chitra got bold and daring like a queen!

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