29. Peaceful days

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Four weeks, these were the most beautiful and peaceful days of her life but also tiresome enough. Chitra has started taking classes regarding administration as Rajmata has suggested and it was proving to be useful. She learnt that a decision with observation and without emotions should be the first priority for a king and queen to be able to rule a kingdom, emotions can make your rational thinking go blind and destroy even the greatest of greatest kingdoms.

But so far, the dancing class with Nandhini was the one she enjoyed with all her heart. It would be really mean of her to say this but, Nandhini was a bad dancer and the amount of struggle the royal lady takes to make her do the right step is unimaginable. Her hand and leg coordinations are so bad that she just twirls around for any step being taught.

Few evenings after the dance she and Nandhini would sit in her chamber's and stitch few designs and no day passes without her missing Meenamma. On that day when she was kidnapped they left Meenamma in her room after tying her up. Was she missing her as much as Chitra's heart was missing her?

Chitra was taking a stroll around the royal gardens to free her brain from these emotional thoughts, as if these were not enough she has been feeling weird lately. Her usually joyful dance classes were going worse, her legs and arms would ache and the slight dizziness when she takes twirl during the dance was not helping her. 

But in these three weeks Nandhini has been the happiest person alive on this planet. The moment she woke up she caused a tantrum saying that Vikram has never ever laid a finger on her. When she was told about the soldiers testimony and the scene caused by Ratan,  she woke up from her bed in a rage saying that she would kill him. 

"How dare you do this to Vikram!" Nandhini almost screamed as she saw Ratan walking inside the medical room. 

A complete bed rest was required so that stitches on her hand would heal. 

"Why would you lie, Ratan?" Arjuna asked, he was standing near Nandhini's bed making sure that she won't get up and pounce on him.

Ratan kneeled down in front of Arjuna making everyone's jaw drop to the floor. Ratan has an aura of ego around him but seeing him drop to the floor made everyone understand how emotional he was.

" I am sorry Arjuna, we had no other option. A princess committing suicide is scandalous enough and if the news about her love story comes out we were worried that she might become a laughing stock. Even I was not happy with this decision but Vikram insisted we do this to save Nandhini's reputation." 

Nandhini's face turned pink with embarrassment but before she could say anything Rajamatha got up and pulled Ratan for a motherly hug. 

"Oh Ratan!" She cried holding him and that was the moment Chitra understood that Rajamatha treats Ratan like her son, mostly because he grew up here at the palace along with Arjuna. 

Seeing the scene made Arjuna accept Ratan's apology. He himself was feeling bad about what he has done with Vikram. 

And after that she ran straight to the dungeons to get Vikram out of it. When they came back, Arjuna put his position as a king aside and apologized to Vikram as a friend who should and things fell in place. 

Though Rajmata was not happy about Nandhini's relationship she didn't voice it out, for everybody knew how crazily these two were in love. 

Arjuna has been busy ever since. As if all the chaos till then were not enough, the villages from the far end border of the kingdom were being burnt up and looted, these were the same bandits who had kidnapped her. 

The stroll has proven to be a wrong choice as a sudden pain of stomach cramps hit her. Cursing her bad health she walked back to her chambers and slept on her bed. She was almost drifting in a peaceful sleep when she felt someone touch her legs, Chitra slowly opened her eyes to see Arjuna placing her feet in his lap. 

"What are you doing-" Her words came to a halt as she saw him tying a beautiful set of anklets to her ankle.

She got up slowly smiling and he took her feet up and placed a small kiss making her toes curl up with his affection

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She got up slowly smiling and he took her feet up and placed a small kiss making her toes curl up with his affection. He pulled her close and placed a kiss on her forehead running his hand through her hair.

"Always wear them, I got them specially designed for you." His words came out as a mumble as he passionately kissed her lips. 

More than making her happy, this moment frustrated her. They made love almost all night long but the issue that he won't confess anything was almost making her heart cry. Do these affectionate moments even mean anything to him? Or was it only her drowning in his love helplessly?

She tried to express her feelings to him and tell him that she loves him  but what if he runs away? What if he doesn't feel the same way? All these doubts ate her brain making her feel extremely stressful.

"We are having a meeting tonight in the army room and I would like you to come along." 

Chitra nodded her head and got up, the sudden moment made her head spin and Arjuna caught her immediately. 

"What's wrong Chitra?" He worried as he made her sit on the bed, "I will cancel this meeting and call for the royal physician." 

"Arjuna! It must be because I have skipped my lunch. There's no need of-" 

"Why will you skip your lunch?" 

Chitra got up standing and twirled lightly, "See! I am perfectly alright so let us go."

It took almost an hour to convince him but he was only convinced when she promised him that she would go to the physician tomorrow morning right in the early hours. 

She was getting ready for the meeting and was setting her hair, a small thought struck her out of blue,"Arjuna, can we have this as a secret meeting?"

"Why?" He asked, as he turned around to face her.

"It's just that I have been thinking about this issue and all my theories lead to one conclusion." 

" And that is?" 

" Insider trading." 

"No way Chitra, all our ministers are faithful and this is a bandits issue not an insider-" 

" It is! I have a theory and If this is right, discussing with everyone will just make the enemies strong." 

Arjuna hesitated for a second but both his heart and brain told him to trust her, she has proved once that she is capable of being a queen and he will respect her.

"Okay, how many members do you think the council should consist of?"

"The least number of ministers the council has, the best it would be." 

"As my Queen wishes." Whispering, he placed a kiss on her forehead as her sweet smell of Jasmines drowned him in it.


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