45. Finding Love

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Quiet chirps of birds in near distance could be heard and Arjuna stood rooted in his place, his eyes fixed on Chitra's broken face. He knows, if not now, never. So he closed his eyes for a second before he took Chitra's small face in his hands.

"I know your pain, Chitra." He said, whipping her tears with his thumb, "But at that moment there was nothing I could do, nothing, I never felt so weak, never." Arjuna's voice broke as those words slipped from his lips.

Chitra's eyes looked blood-shot as her heart was quenching in pain just seeing Arjuna's broken face, "You have lost too much blood that day which was already a threat to our baby. But I tried, Chitra." Arjuna moved closer so that he could lean his forehead to her's.

"I really tried, I was so happy to hear that we are going to have our first child but ill fate has us, the healer who could deal with such complicated pregnancy situations was outside our kingdom which was nearly a two day travel, which means if we remain expecting her I might have lost both of you."

Chitra stood numb listening to his words, Arjuna's voice was filled with pain, the same pain which she had been facing all this while. If this was the truth then what was she believing all this while? Had Apsara lied to her?

"I was forced to make the decision to choose you over our child, Chitra. But if it was my way, I will happily give my life to you both, just to see you and our child happy, alive."

Chitra felt as if she was slapped, words have refused to come out making her throat paralysed with pain. Her husband has been innocent all this while and she was hating him for something he never did, he received the punishment of something he never did. Her heart throbbed in pain and hate for herself, Arjuna will never forgive her again. He will loathe her and abandon her and with those thoughts made her head feel light and she saw blackness dots dancing infront of her eyes. Slipping from his hands she fell to the ground fainting.

Chitra felt a sprinkle of water on her face as she slowly opened her eyes observing her surroundings and she in contact with a beautiful pair of brown eyes, Arjuna looked anxious as he slowly made her sit, "Chitra! What is wrong? Are you sick?"

His shaken voice made Chitra steep low in guilt, tears spilled out of her eyes and low moans of pain escaped her lips as she clutched Arjuna's arm crying, "I-I am sorry Arjuna! Please forgive me!"

"Why- what are you talking about, Chitra? Calm down, we-"

"No, you will hate me if you get to know the truth." Chitra's heavy wails reached Arjuna's ears as he stood confused. He should be the one seeking for her forgiveness but happened to her all of a sudden?

"I thought you aborted our child because you doubted my purity." Chitra whispered those cruel words and Arjuna was visibly shaken listening to those words, how did she think so low of him? He felt offended, was their love that weak to her? Did she ever love him?

"What?" Arjuna asked, not because he couldn't hear it was because he couldn't believe what Chitra was talking about.

Chitra never answered him as she sat crying her eyes out in guilt. Arjuna turned away from her, his heart sinking in hurt and betrayal. And when Chitra noticed him, she slowly stood up and hugged him from behind.

Even this thick dense Reetha forest could not suppress his heavenly musky scent, she pressed her head on his back and her hands circling around his waist.

"I love you Arjuna."

Arjuna stood shocked listening to those words, how his heart had longed to hear these words from her but now in this situation, though his feelings were the same as hers, something is stopping him reciprocating her words.

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