46. Saving Kalikapur.

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Though Rajan acts stupid at times, he is exceptionally intelligent. The dry forest mud was making it almost impossible to track down the footprints to reach out Vikram, but Rajan guided with ease, maybe growing up near a forest area has made him good with directions.

They soon reached the spot as they could see Vikram hiding behind a tree ready with his sword in his hand, Chitra quietly observed those men dressed in black preparing a fire with twigs and broken branches.

There was a small broken temple in the background, while three men were arranging the area with designs of rangoli the other one sat in between that rangoli circle with a little unconcious girl beside him chanting few silent mantras, to say he looked scary will be an understatement as the rangoli circle around him was decorated with skulls and bones and he himself wore a long chain of bones around him.

How can a human be so brainless and barbaric? As time passed that little girl woke up wailing as she observed her surroundings and Chitra's heart ragged with fury as her nostrils flared in anger, she just wanted to jump in there and kill that brute with her hands but no, she can't act thoughtlessly and put that child in any more danger.

"Your majesty." Vikram whispered slowly.

Arjuna and Chitra looked to his side
as he explained his plan about catching those men.

"Rajan and I will tackle those three men as they can be armed and my lord, you can rescue that little girl away from there." Chitra noticed how Vikram had skipped involving her in the plan but she didn't bother to correct him, she knows what she has to do and she will.

Almost in seconds, Vikram and Rajan marched their way stepping away from the trees and attacked those three men slashing their arms and legs making them fall down screaming in pain but all this chaos didn't affect their leader, he sat peacefully inside that rangoli ring chanting some mantras as if he couldn't hear those pain filled screams of his men.

But slowly, those three hurt men pulled out small daggers under their dress and made their attacking moves, Chitra couldn't help but frown at their moves as it was completely different from the regular sword fight.

Vikram and Rajan were busy dealing with them and Arjuna walked inside that huge rangoli design, kicking all those creepy skulls and bones on his way which fell on that brute leader who sat inside the rangoli.

That man opened his eyes and Chitra's eyes fluttered in discomfort as his eyes were nothing but white with no eyeballs, is he blind? It took a second for Chitra to overcome the discomfort.

But nothing seemed to stop Arjuna as he pulled out his sword, wasting no time Arjuna placed it on his neck ordering him, "Stand up."

That blind man gave a cruel smirk and let go of the child in his arms, taking this as a chance Chitra ran towards them and immediately pulled that little girl in her arms striding towards the broken temple.

She slowly shushe the girl, trying to calm her, "It's alright dear, you are saved and soon you will get to meet your parents!"

Chitra spoke in a lulling tone and rubbed her back in a motherly manner and luckily it worked as the little girl's sobs came to a slow drop and looked Chitra in her eyes as if she was trying to see if it was a trap or truth.

When the girl finally calmed down, Chitra pulled out a dagger from under the saree and handed it to the girl. "I should go out and fight those badmen and just in case if anyone tries to come near you use it. Okay?"

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