48. Searching for Princess

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Once again, this beautiful cover is made by our talented lovely 8888Asmita

* * *

Vikram quickly walked to his chambers and pulled the ruby necklace set which he bought for Nandhini before he left the kingdom, he smiled ear to ear imagining Nandhini's expression the moment she would get to see this set. She always gifted him something or the other and this is going to be his first gift for her. 

His huge smiled disappeared when he entered her chambers, Nandhini was no where in sight and on top of if her large almirah was completely ransacked, of course Nandhini was an unorganised person in nature but this looks weird and this is definitely not her work, if she is not in her chambers then she should be in the garden then why couldn't he see her there when he passed by? 

He rubbed his forehead with his thumb wondering if something was wrong, it should be. He stuffed that pouch in his armour and ran outside to inform this to the soldiers. 

Vikram's heart was pounding loud as his brain started to picture the worst of worst scenarios, Nandhini doesn't even know any self defence techniques. Oh Nandhini, where are you?

* * *

Arjuna was trying his best to calm Chitra, but she was like a burning fire pit. His mother also came to the royal court not understanding what the chaos was about but before Rajamatha Padmaja could voice out her questions Rajan marched inside the hall with female guards behind him who were pulling Apsara by her hair. 

"You son of bitch! Tell them to let go of me!" Apsara screamed at Rajan but he remained unmoved as he stood in front of Arjuna bowing his head.

"Your Majesty! Senapati Vikram ji has caught Apsara stealing ornaments from Princess Nandhini's Chambers and also unfortunately the princess is missing." 

"What!" Rajamatha looked shaken as she slowly uttered those words. 

"Where is Vikram now?" Arjuna asked with a huge frown on his face, "Tell him to-" 

"Excuse me for interrupting, my majesty." Rajan said as he stepped backwards as he was a little scared to stop the king from speaking, "But Vikram has already sent a few soldiers outside the palace to search for her while a few are doing a through check inside the palace." 

Chitra stepped down from the dias and placed her fingers under her chin, forcing Apsara to meet her eyes, "What did you do to Nandhini?" Her voice came out deep and demanding. 

Chitra knows perfectly that Nandhini going missing is one of her acts but instead of answering Chitra's question Apsara's sardonic laugh echoed through the huge hall irritating Chitra even more.

Chitra caught her throat pressing hard making it difficult for Apsara to breathe, "Answer me or you die-" 

"I die? No queen, your pathetic princess is dying from slow poison right now." Apsara grinned as those world shattering words left her mouth, "And if you want your princess alive, set me and my brother free." 

* * *

Some unknown feeling told Vikram that Nandhini should be inside the palace. He was running outside of her chambers and that was when he saw Apsara walking in a haste as if she was hiding something and when checked, he found a few gold ornaments safely wrapped in her dupatta and the troubled expression on her face told him everything. 

Vikram knows that she won't spill out anything soon so he immediately handovered her to Rajan, sending half of his men outside the palace to find Princess Nandhini. Where as he was trying to gather clues to reach her, how can a princess be abducted without raising any suspicion? Nandhini is a princess, sister of the king of a nation, so all day she is surrounded with tight security, just how did a pathetic woman like Apsara abducted her?  

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