49. Mending Love

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Invisible strings of helplessness and hurt were quenching the life out of her heart as her sight was struck on the way in which Sridhar ran away terrified. All this while she had a slight hope of adopting him, she had a small hope of him addressing her as his mother but now the little rays of hope she was hanging onto evaporated in seconds.

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she turned her head looking at her husband, silently pleading for his help through her eyes. Arjuna knew how important Sridhar is to Chitra and that broken expression on her face teared his eyes. Why is it that every time he sees her tearful eyes his heart screams to get the world to her? He can create a new world for her or break the world into two halves, just for her.

Taking two large steps Arjuna strode towards her and pulled Chitra in a deep hug and the second she felt his warmth all her hurt and pain turned into tears, she sobbed on his shoulder clutching him.

Apsara's lips curled up in a cruel smile seeing Chitra breakdown emotionally, her heartfelt peaceful seeing Chitra cry profusely, and unintentionally a laugh slipped through her mouth making Chitra turn towards her.

"Uffo," Apsara rolled her eyes as she tisked, "That pathetic boy is always trouble isn't he?"

Those arrogant words snapped something in Chitra, how can a human drop so low to hurt an innocent child? Chitra slowly pulled herself away from Arjuna's arm and faced Apsara as she asked, "Where is Sridhar's mother?"

Apsara was still smiling and Chitra understood her plan, Apsara was trying to irk up anger in her so that she would lose her control and kill her in an instant, but she deserves a slow and painful death.

"Oh her, that bitch died giving birth to him. How good would it have been if that idiot of a boy had died along-"

A loud slap echoed through the royal court, the force of Chitra's hand on Apsara's cheek made her fall down hitting the floor hard. Rajmata and every minister stood shocked seeing this. They heard that their queen was dangerous enough to kill a strong bandits leader but never have they seen her like that. She barely attended the royal court after the war so they assumed that she was a soft woman who runs on the orders of her husband and Rajamatha.

But now the woman in front of them looked angry, some unknown aura of fire and authority radiated from her.

Chitra pulled Apsara up by her hair and she struggled at the feeling of her hair being ripped off, Chitra moved close to her looking in her eyes, her words filled with wrath and disgust as she spoke, "People like you who can't even respect the dead or innocent children do not deserve to live!"

At the speed of lightning, she picked up the sword on the floor and lifted it up to behead Apsara.

"Chitra!" An alarmed voice of Rajmata stopped her as she walked down from the dais and held Chitra's hand, "Don't do this daughter, the blood of such impure devils should not be spilled in a pious place like our royal court."

"Rajamatha, Please I-"

"I understand your pain Chitra but let us not forget the rules and morals on which our kingdom has been built on. Apsara is punishable to death and I promise you," She loosened Chitra's grip on the sword as it fell to the ground, she placed her wrinkled hand on her cheek as she spoke, "I promise you that you will be the one to see her end but not now dear."

Arjuna noticed the heavily interested looks of few ministers, the drama they have seen till will not even take a day spread outside the palace.

"Rajan," Arjuna called for Rajan who was standing behind along with a few ministers. "Lock her up and make sure to tell the security to keep a close watch on her. And Everyone except minister Vinayak can leave for the day."

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