50. A Happy End

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This song is one of my ultimate favourites 💜 So I couldn't help but add this to my last chapter.

* * *

The dark blue sky looked peaceful tonight which was partially shining with few scattered stars as the moon had decided to take a break from his daily routine and Sridhar was fast asleep on his bed letting out soft snores making Chitra smile at his cuteness. She slowly stepped down from the bed covering him with soft covers and made her way out of his chambers, all the corridors were brightly lit up with several oil lamps but there was no sight of her husband. 

What is holding him back for so long? Just like her, Arjuna was heavily worn out from their long trip, worrying about him she slowly walked towards the royal hall. The closer she got the clearer she could hear some loud argument between her husband and her mother-in-law.

"Arjuna!" Rajamata's angry voice roared across the empty royal hall as she stepped forward standing close to her son.

“You can never adopt him as your son and I am sure you understand why!”  

“I know ma, but this time I am willing to put our rules aside.” 

“Is this for Chitra? Just because she loves that kid?” 

And outside the chambers stood Chitra leaning on the wall silently listening to their conversation, why is Arjuna doing this? He had clearly told her about how he can not disrespect their kingdom's rules and adopt Sridhar then why is he having an argument about this with his mother? 

“Yes,” Arjuna replied nonchalantly looking at the dark corridors outside the hall. 

“What? Have you lost-” 

“Ma, after losing our child Chitra saw our child in Sridhar and today I realised how dearly she likes him and I won’t deny her heart’s wish. Never once after our marriage had she ever asked for any present and I know she won’t, so I have decided to give her what her heart needs.” 

Chitra pressed a hand over her lips suppressing a cry, how can Arjuna love her so much that he was trying to break the kingdom’s rules for her? Unknowingly or knowingly he was even going against her mother, her heart was over bursting with love for him, for his efforts to make her happy. 

However, she knows that what he is about to do is wrong, as a king should never break the regulations which they have been following for years and centuries. 

With tear filled eyes, Chitra stepped away from her hiding position and was almost about to take a step inside and that is when she heard Rajamatha speak, “Even if it means to separate Sridhar form his mother?” 

It was Arjuna’s turn to frown at his mother now, “No way, she is dead-” 

“No Arjuna, Sridhar’s mother is very much alive.” Rajamatha said as she turned to face him, “Sridhar’s mother gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. That brute of a king Aditya was angered that his wife gave birth to a girl, he killed his own daughter and dumped his weak wife outside their palace.” 

“What! How can he do that to his own wife and daughter-” 

“Where is Sridhar’s mother now?” Chitra asked running inside, stopping before Rajamatha. 

Arjuna was frightened to know that Chitra has been hearing their conversation, she is always so sensitive over that child’s topic and now looking at her face he was not feeling any better. 

“Chitra, what are you doing here! Go back-” 

“Please Arjuna, if Sridhar’s mother is alive then I need to know!” Shouting on top of her lungs Chitra looked at Rajmata expectantly to hear her answer. 

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