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Unintended Consequences by eim1993
Unintended Consequencesby El
"You just have no idea." His voice was thick with restraint. "W-what," I breathed. His gaze flicked to my lips as his thumb stroked again. The call...
Girl Under Construction by jesswesleybooks
Girl Under Constructionby Jess Wesley
After getting fired from her job, Sammy decides to let loose and attend a wedding with her best friend, but things go awry when she makes a fool of herself in front of N...
Heat +18 by LilyLux1
Heat +18by Lily Lux
That is literally nothing, but pure smut. That's all I can say
Dangerously In Love ✔ by BrianaLwrites
Dangerously In Love ✔by Briana Lee
Camille's life has been full of a lot of pain. Losing her parents and older sister at a young age and being a victim of domestic abuse made her guarded when it comes to...
The Don's unknown child by ProTy0
The Don's unknown childby Tyra Lodriqkes
Sixteen years ago Fiona Appleton left Samuel Bartolomeo after they had broken up because she was just there to help fulfill his manly needs and she could not stand that...
Spicy Stories 💦💦 by _lovesreading_
Spicy Stories 💦💦by _lovesreading_
Short exotic stories to all mature content lovers include me 💦💦 Warning not edited ⚠ Also English is not my first language so don't need to be so rude! #1 -mature co...
Evie, Darling by lun4li
Evie, Darlingby luna
Alvaro Dominguez. Business tycoon. Known yet feared by all, loved by none. Genevieve Cortes. The town's innocent beauty. Adored by all around her. Genevieve Cortes sudde...
We Weren't Acting by LexiWexi18
We Weren't Actingby Lexi
We wanted privacy. We wanted a normal relationship with no high expectations. But that's hard when you have a whole fan base keeping tabs on your relationship. With that...
The Alpha's Rose. by iheartZaynM
The Alpha's J. Ludwig
"Their tongues danced together in a disgusting sort of manner, before he pushed her away and moved on to the next one, they were practically throwing themselves at...
ROUNDS by ceelarkay
ROUNDSby ceelarkay
Your wildest fantasies turned into words.
ALEXANDER by two-lee-saar
ALEXANDERby Thulisa Mquqo
Meet 23 year old Rosalie Jones. A college student who's struggling to make ends meet. When a job opportunity presents itself she does not hesitate to take it, even if it...
Call me Pretty-George Weasley by floralculturalist
Call me Pretty-George Weasleyby Charlie
SMUT WARNING, 18+ ONLY!!! Chapters with explicit content will have TW :) some examples, seggs, drugs, and violence. George and Jo get into a heated game of truth or...
Caught.  by ShelleySnow
Caught. by S.Snow
Emma is human. Emma likes her life in her small predictable town. At least she thought it was predictable, that is until she is brought into a town much like her own w...
My sister turned me into a freak  by DeeTScott
My sister turned me into a freak by Dee T Scott
🔞sexual content🔞 Sophia older sister stella tries to show her little sister how to have fun and be a lil low key dirty. Read for more.......
Reminiscing Memories (Fernandez Series #1) by blxzingmoon
Reminiscing Memories (Fernandez lexiee
Thalia Laurene Fernandez and Kenzo Vin Villarica, both came into a heartbreaking relationship. They fell in love but things got complicated as their past partners came b...
Eucatastrophe ~ h.s. by AmberE3Love34
Eucatastrophe ~ Amber
Highest Rankings: #1 in 1DFanFic #1 in SelfGrowth #5 in AdultFiction #156 in TeenRomance #408 in OneDirection #570 in HarryStyles This isn't how it was supposed to go...
🖤Deep Love🖤[COMPLETED] by Lydiahtet
🖤Deep Love🖤[COMPLETED]by Lydia Htet
[Unicode] ပထမနှစ်ကျောင်းသားလေးနဲ့ တတိယနှစ်ကျောင်းသား‌တို့ရဲ့တွေ့ဆုံမှု။သူတို့နှစ်ယောက်ကြားမှာ🖤Deep Love🖤ဆိုတဲ့အတိုင်း ဘယ်လိုနက်နဲတဲ့ချစ်ခြင်းတစ်ရားတွေဖြစ်ပေါ်လာမလဲ...ဆ...
Tempted Fate |18+ (Ménage)✔ by SerenityR0se
Tempted Fate |18+ (Ménage)✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ Book 4 of The Deliverance Series Cormac smirks and replies, "Clever man...writing our worlds while hiding his daughters away." "My dad is my...
Lecherous (Taekook) 18+  by KhushitaeMadi
Lecherous (Taekook) 18+ by 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐈
"I want to devour your body till the last bite" - JK. "Aren't you already doing that with your eyes" -TH. ∆ "Your thighs....."- JK "...
Imagine That [billie eilish] by bodycrime
Imagine That [billie eilish]by ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎
girl, I'm yours still. [billie eilish short stories!]