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The boy who killed God - An Epic Fantasy LitRPG by DimitriosGkirgkiris
The boy who killed God - An Epic Dimitrios Gkirgkiris
In Elysia, your fate is sealed by the amount of mana you receive from The Divine. If you are blessed with a lot, you can use magic to create all the comforts one can dre...
Eliona's War: Hesitant Healer by KurokageJS
Eliona's War: Hesitant Healerby Alex J Wynter
NOW COMPLETE! In which a introverted healer learns to deal with the greatest horrors of his life - socializing, dungeons, and psychopathic NPCs. *** Games have been his...
High School Dungeon Crawl by ScottMcCoskey
High School Dungeon Crawlby Scott McCoskey
The first day of high school is never fun. There's the new campus, classmates, and teachers. It's an entirely new world. Literally. Everything has changed. People are tu...
Zodiac Online by LibranAzriel
Zodiac Onlineby Azriel Arriadi-Hidayat
The Twelve Zodiacs are now part of an online game with the name Zodiac Online. A way for the residents of Earth to permanently escape the real world. Everybody who plays...
It Started with Slime by KevalShahAudio
It Started with Slimeby Keval Shah
An alchemical experiment gone wrong results in our MC - It does have a name now but that would be a spoiler... This story follows a Slime that surprisingly has some leve...
Radioactive Evolution by Balr0g
Radioactive Evolutionby Richard Hummel
The world as humanity knew it was gone. In its place was a radioactive wasteland, scorched by nuclear furnaces. The third millenium passed unmarked and uncelebrated by t...
Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG) by HyperAlphaKing
Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG)by HyperAlphaKing
Gild Domov found no solace in death's embrace. The promised, eternal repose was merely the herald of his greater purpose. His soul, destined for the afterlife, was force...
Death God System by mqkajack
Death God Systemby M.Q. Kajack
In an unknown land.. far from the scrutiny of knowing eyes... Death was rearing its head once again... A young man on Earth had met with an untimely demise, his soul ta...
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG by Joan_Ninja_Hen
Auntie toasts the VRMMORPGby Joan Ninja Hen
After Flora Fluss burns down the kitchen, her son insists she is too old to live alone. She's got two choices. Either move into a retirement home or spend the rest of he...
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue (LitRPG series) by Magic_Dome_Books
An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue ( Magic_Dome_Books
A LitRPG novel by Pavel Kornev Virtual worlds are places of boundless freedom. Anyone can become an elven mage or an invisible rogue, join a clan and go on raids, fight...
DCO- Dungeon Core Online by JSmidt
DCO- Dungeon Core Onlineby JSmidt
This story is originally posted, and regularly updated by me on Royal Road. I will be uploading here as I have time. This is my NaNo project James hates his real life. H...
The Merchant Who Would be King by TimothyBaril
The Merchant Who Would be Kingby Timothy Baril
Hadiin is bored of playing the same old RPG classes, with swords and spells and the same old monster-killing grind. He longs for a new challenge. Undead butler? Mimic ch...
Curse of Strahd (The Dhumgai Prophecy) by the-liver-is-evil
Curse of Strahd (The Dhumgai Oli
A GameLit novel following the Dungeons & Dragons 5e module "Curse of Strahd", featuring a protagonist based on a female Doomguy in a gothic fantasy setting. Us...
True Hero (Champion is Playing Book #1) LitRPG Series by eisbooks
True Hero (Champion is Playing eisbooks
A simple man, lacking in knowledge, but quick of wit. He is flung into the future, where everything is different. Now, he has to make a name for himself, carve his own p...
Survival Quest (LitRPG series The Way of the Shaman: Book #1) by V. Mahanenko by Magic_Dome_Books
Survival Quest (LitRPG series Magic_Dome_Books
Read Epic LitRPG Saga from one of the best author - father of the genre in the World! Barliona. A virtual world jam-packed with monsters, battles - and predictably, play...
The Grand Game by Tom_Elliot
The Grand Gameby Tom Elliot
One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is as brutal as it is complex. Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how h...
Combat Origin: YA Dystopian Adventure by docmisty
Combat Origin: YA Dystopian docmisty
It's her sixteenth birthday and Kiriai has a big decision to make. Will she fight for her dream to battle in the arena? Or buckle under her grandfather's pressure to bec...
When Gods Dream by WhenGodsDream
When Gods Dreamby WhenGodsDream
When a god falls asleep, they dream up worlds - universes - full of magic and adventure. Those worlds aren't just figments of imagination either: they're real, and so ar...