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Christmas with Nick Klaas | ✓ by rskovach
Christmas with Nick Klaas | ✓by RS Kovach
When the heir to Christmas falls for a girl who hates the holiday, he risks losing his birthright to a trickster cousin who'll destroy Yuletide forever...
The Snow Queen (By Hans Christian Andersen) by AustinASchulz
The Snow Queen (By Hans Austin A Schulz
This is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, translated into English. It is the greatest story of all time. Period. Since Hans really likes to use run-on sentences...
Lapin lapset - The children of lapland by SuomenSatu
Lapin lapset - The children of SuomenSatu
Minttu is an orphan. But one day a woman named Virja Niskanen came and took the girl with her. From there and she had a family and even siblings. But could that go well...
Baby It's Cold Outside by BubblySoccer
Baby It's Cold Outsideby Jayme112234
Sometimes a little Christmas cheer can change everything ft. Robin van Persie
Dead Lover's Lane (VILLE VALO FANFIC) by Metai4Llfe666
Dead Lover's Lane (VILLE VALO Atlas
When a troubled girl runs away from her home in Canada to start fresh in Finland, she finds that it may not be as easy as she once thought, and what happens when a rocks...
Fully movable glass igloos in Finnish Lapland by arcticguesthouse
Fully movable glass igloos in arcticguesthouse
Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos offers you a totally new kind of accommodation experience in 10 fully movable glass igloos.
Dream life by Fanzutin
Dream lifeby Fanzutin
It's only me here. Can someone hear me or see me? Do i dream everything or is this true? How this can happen to me?
Het rendier met de gouden hoeven // Voltooid! by onedirectrionlover
Het rendier met de gouden onedirectrionlover
Ik zag dat er een brief voor mijn ouders op tafel lag, ook met een Finse postzegel. Mama was geboren in Finland, maar van familieleden daar, wist ik niets. 'Dat is een o...
Jingle bells and three fugitive elves - a Christmas adventure by Ruxandra_Duca
Jingle bells and three fugitive Rux Morningstar
Timothy, an unadoptable orphan who has never had a wish come true, receives the gift of a lifetime when given the chance to play the countdown to Christmas with three el...
Antler Plan by joonashuhta
Antler Planby Joonas Huhta
Atheist icon Max Crimstein is pure dedication. He excels in showing priests, saints, martyrs and fairy tale men at their morally repugnant worst, and at the end of the d...
Pinnocha:  The Wooden Boy of Lapland by SaraJacksonJihad
Pinnocha: The Wooden Boy of Sara L. Jackson
In this surrealist modern folktale, a young, haunted concentration camp survivor Gershom runs away to Lapland to live in total isolation, which drives him to built and...
Bligh The Dog And His Many Adventures Christmas Edition (2nd) by NicCopley
Bligh The Dog And His Many Nicola Copley
Fred suprised Bligh and his humans on an adventure of a lifetime by taking them to Lapland for Christmas
Weigh Out Way-In by JASaak
Weigh Out Way-Inby JASLapp
There is an unexpected turn in the story that drastically changes the course of events and, in the long run, even the lives of those involved. Magpie, the first to be in...
Winter's End by YourAveragePeasant
Winter's Endby YourAveragePeasant
A short story about a young woman who is forced to live as a scavenger after "The Last War" in order to pay for insulin. What seems like an ordinary looting o...
Желания до теб, Лапландия by ally1800
Желания до теб, Лапландияby αιιγ
Коледна метаморфоза - термин, който Ая Мартин използваше, за да обясни пълното преобразяване на градовете от първи декември. И при обикновени обстоятелства би я очаквала...