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✨JJBA ONESHOTS✨ by Ladboyandguy
✨JJBA ONESHOTS✨by [like a record]
I'm gonna have a breakdown breakdown. I'll be writing some stuff on this book that comes to my mind or when I don't know what I could do with my ongoing jjba stories, re...
Tadashi Hamada One Shots by ChinitaPlease
Tadashi Hamada One Shotsby Aaliah
I suck at making descriptions so please enjoy my first Tadashi Hamada one shots! :) —ChinitaPlease Warning: Get ready for a nosebleed! Or a major fangasm xD
Bakudeku Smutt (lots of kinks) by Asheliedje772
Bakudeku Smutt (lots of kinks)by Kittysnake:)
In this story will be smutt one-shots about bakudeku. I do not own any pictures that will be in this story. This story will be all about smutt, so be prepared ;) If you...
demon slayer smut oneshots by u-uzui
demon slayer smut oneshotsby ꒰ uzui !┊♫ ꒱
smuts for various demon slayer characters ! feel free to leave some requests if you ' d like ! <3 i WILL NOT be writing for underaged characters. therefore, please d...
Draco malfoy smut imagines by Dracos_wifey13
Draco malfoy smut imaginesby Dracos_girl
so.. its smut:) requests will be taken but im still fairly new on how to navigate wattpad and talk on here but I'll try to take requests. also there might be some fluff...
EXPOSED! P.P Oneshots/Imagines by TessaMorganStories
EXPOSED! P.P Oneshots/Imaginesby Tessa
This is basically gonna be a million stories where the Babyspider get - you guessed it - exposed. It will contain Irondad, Spiderson and prolly a shitton of field trips...
Spider-Man OneShots by SnowMione18
Spider-Man OneShotsby Ravenclaw Princess
Just a wonderful group of Oneshots that I wrote. Please enjoy these beautiful moments between our favorite Irondad and Spiderson, which will also include the whole ironf...
▪Childe x Zhongli Oneshots▪ by Nana_TheFroggy
▪Childe x Zhongli Oneshots▪by Nana✨
Some Chili because I'm actually in love with this ship and if I didn't make a book about them soon I was gonna burst- So a series of oneshots of them basically.. Can con...
Natasha Romanoff / Wanda Maximoff x reader stories  by 1ofthosecrazygirls7
Natasha Romanoff / Wanda oneofthosecrazygirls
Some stories including female reader x Nat or Wanda. Hi horny besties wassup🙊🙈🙉
Pokémon X female human reader Lemon and fluff (Back From A Long Hiatus)  by Star_Eevee
Pokémon X female human reader Star Eevee
In this book you will find fluff and Lemon one-shots. This book will have Pokémon X female human reader only. If you wanna request something, please do it in the private...
Haikyuu Various X Reader by StrawberryDragon
Haikyuu Various X Readerby StrawberryDragon
Ready to jump in a cesspool of lemons, limes, fluffs and baby daddies?
spiderson oneshots by onedropstories
spiderson oneshotsby tyler
cringy ass one-shots starring peter parker and the mcu cast warning ⚠️: VERY mature content this whole book is a massive trigger warning |#1| in #aou |#1| in #avenging |...
Readers Assemble! by MegLPie
Readers Assemble!by Meg
Avengers reader inserts! Feel free to request! I will write for: *Tony Stark/Iron Man *Steve Rogers/Captain America *Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier *Pietro Maximoff/Quic...
Dreamnotfound //smutshots// by allmightyDNF
Dreamnotfound //smutshots//by DNF STAN!!!
This story contains sexual scenes. So if u don't like it welp it is a smut book innit :) I won't be putting TW becuz I will forget it Its mostly bottom george and top c...
Not Such A Secret  by PleaseCloseMyD00r
Not Such A Secret by Rea
This was posted as 'Our Little Secret' Futa- Shemale- Lesbian Smut. I've interpreted Futanari very loosely here. Read the fine print or I'll eat your ass, this is defin...
Harry Potter x reader Oneshots & Reactions [REQUESTS CLOSED] [SLOW UPDATES] by melimelon_kawai
Harry Potter x reader Oneshots & melimelon
Hi y'all! COMMENTS ARE WELCOME! I will be mainly doing male characters, though female ones can be written upon requests! Will Include: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Fred/G...
spanking oneshots  by Punish_Me11
spanking oneshots by Punish_Me11
This is a collection of spanking stories that I write myself. Do not steal. I do do requests. Just comment or message me directly. Do not report. I guess that's all.
Multifandom Oneshots/Smuts <3 by 1-800-babyslut
Multifandom Oneshots/Smuts <3by drink bleach
a book of oneshots full credits go to the lovely authors includes smut for my horny bbs😏 enjoy <3
Batmom & Batfamily Imagines 『√』 by problematicwoman-
Batmom & Batfamily Imagines 『√』by Kaz Rose
A book full of imagines / oneshots about the batbrats and their father. Oh of course you as their girlfriends or their badass mother! Hope you enjoyed. [This book was...
Bnha boyfriend scenarios (+ headcanon's, one shots + imagines)  by Nazarath74334
Bnha boyfriend scenarios (+ Ace
I will be doing Izuku (Deku), Bakugo, Tamaki, Kirishima and others if you time me any other suggestions (if you want any other character for me to do then don't be afrai...