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Demonic angel  {Jimin X Reader}  (on hold) by MOCH1M1N-
Demonic angel {Jimin X Reader} ( ✩。*•.Kaira.•*。✩
What happens if the creatures of your nightmares, the ones that make you think that there is a dark force under your bed or in your closet. What happens when they come a...
A Cry of Wolves by rotiresistance
A Cry of Wolvesby Alisha
Amara was seventeen years old when her parents and her pack were murdered. Now that the Crescent Wolf Pack has no leader to protect their people, and enslaved by the Red...
To Love by khalesi_7
To Loveby khalesi_7
THE FINAL BOOK IN THE TO LOVE HATE SERIES A war is brewing and with ties to all sides, Maeve is forced to make decisions she never thought she'd face. Follow the last ch...
A Ghost ( Time To Find Out Deadly Facts) by dark_sideoflife
A Ghost ( Time To Find Out Online dating
This is a story about a girl Maddy who is able to see ghosts since when she was just 5 years old. Maddy was an orphan girl, being a nice soul she was blessed by some un...
Meat Girl (+18) by Juanreyez87
Meat Girl (+18)by Juan Reyez
Am I a ghoul now? An undead, a zombie? Just call me Megan. --- *** CONTENT WARNING * * * Sexual scenes. Mature content and lots of violence You have been warned. --- Aft...
Soulborn Anarchy by SvalinnCrown
Soulborn Anarchyby Pyrrha White
"And is there anything that it would be worth losing that for?" Kara paused and thought "Well the thing I have always wanted more than anything is to be t...
Run by Tetsuo
Runby Tetsuo
When Shane Newman tries to go to work one beautiful sunny morning, he finds that his car won't start, his cellphone is dead, and his garage door won't close. Then planes...
Blighted Memories by Bard13
Blighted Memoriesby Bard13
Amnesia was a funny thing. It strips you of all memories, both good and bad. But what it didn't take away from Link was his caring heart. He wasn't a man who had time t...
What They Wrought :|: ONC 2021 by dcompbooks
What They Wrought :|: ONC 2021by D
"I will be the monster that lies in wait under their bed, itching to pluck their eyes from their heads and their tongues from their mouths." Her father's death...
Elaventon by TammyPrather
Elaventonby Tammy Prather
A curse on a town. a young couple in love. will they be the ones to break the curse?
The Death Clause by Black_Rose_Water
The Death Clauseby 【S C】
An anxious Death, an adrenaline-seeking Immortal meet in a bar- No? Not a good setup? Well, what if I told you that they are both plotting to attack an underground mysti...
Rajah's Curse by annbe11
Rajah's Curseby annbe11
I am Prince Alagan Dhiren Rajaram, the second prince of the Mujulaain Empire and the betrothed of Princess Jasmine, or I used to be. Five years ago, I was transformed in...
Chaos Part 2 (Art Book) by ashedink
Chaos Part 2 (Art Book)by воплощение хаоса
2021 Art Book! I hope you would enjoy it! Again, you can use my art, but please credit me! Oh yeah, and this can also be considered a shitpost, right? I'll probably put...
The Blackwoods by dandynick4
The Blackwoodsby dandynick4
The Blackwoods are an eldritch and mysterious forest, utterly alien and primal to the civilization of men, yet inside lurk treasures from ancient civilizations. Every mo...
Lost & Found by EssTheScribbler
Lost & Foundby Ess
I have been here before. This is my place. This is our place. Was our place. I come here to be alone; to think, to remember. Although I am alone here, I don't feel alone...
Demonic Secret by Doughnutbunny82
Demonic Secretby Doughnutbunny82
Boris Blue lives in a cabin with for other boys and he's lived there for a long time but he has a secret a demonic secret that is. not only that but he was chosen at bir...
The Eye by BlueIslandOcean
The Eyeby bluedolphin
Chloe and her younger sister, Sam, both live in Veternum, a small rural town. Every day seems to repeat itself, and no excitement ever happens. Until, one day, a myster...
Fantasy Of A Cursed Wolf  by ChristinaAsely
Fantasy Of A Cursed Wolf by Christina Asely
She is looking for herself into a world which is not supposed to be. She hated being weak especially when someone having a human heart and feelings,all stops when she fo...
How'd we get here? <Javier Garcia TWDG> by mxllvds
How'd we get here? by mxllvds
Y/n is not one to stay around for long, so when tripp asked her to stay she didn't really think she would take him seriously. But at least she can spend the night somewh...