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Love in a Shanghai Summer by MeiSummer
Love in a Shanghai Summerby Meixia (美夏)
After falling in love with a younger and much less successful man, can Yiwen convince herself and her parents to accept him into their wealthy family? ...
Emerald Chains by elarastone
Emerald Chainsby Elara Stone
'I enjoy a good game of cat and mouse,' he said in a cocky voice, grazing his lips against her ear. She could feel her body shaking as she pushed her hands flat against...
lydia  by sluttybutsad
lydia by ur dads gf
"are we going to go to the butterfly exhibit? it's the other way" "not exactly, lydia." - in which a clueless innocent girl gets taken into the life...
Owned by Him by Writingqueen1996
Owned by Himby Writingqueen1996
If He cannot have her....then no-one can.
The McCann Twins  by mentallytatted
The McCann Twins by AngelFace
"Get in the fucking car." He growled. He reached for my arm but I snatched away from him before he could touch me. He's out of his mind if he thinks I'm going...
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From Chains by google1021
From Chainsby Cre
I'm working every waking hour. You'd think that smuggling would pay better, but nothing has been easy since the war. I can't go on like this. I need someone to take the...
Experiments by animemonkeyboy
Experimentsby animemonkeyboy
Ray is an Intersex human meaning she has both male and female parts, when a experiment foundation found out about this they took her and offered to pay her to help them...
Run by original_ly
Runby ♢i s y♢
"I won't go with you." I sneer at him, while trying my best to be intimidating. I fail miserably as he gives a dark chuckle and my confident façade starts to c...
Realm Drifter: Cruel King by AllyHarp2401
Realm Drifter: Cruel Kingby Ally Harp
[MATURE: READ IF YOU DARE] ~ Alannah Valos had a power. Just like her mother, Alannah could drift through realms and back with just a single thought. Each realm Alannah...
Heist  by luvvzay
Heist by ♡♡♡♡♡.
$ - get rich or die trying 💰
Have Mercy by sunnyysideupp
Have Mercyby sunnyysideupp
Evelyn runs away from her broken home in hopes to discover the greatest freedom possible. She hopes to find that freedom in rural Michigan, where she can escape the cons...
The Alpha and the Vigilante✔️ by vviticus
The Alpha and the Vigilante✔️by vviticus
BOOK 1 OF THE GIFT CHRONICLES ••• When the Moon Goddess created the first werewolves, she split one soul between the two of them, thus creating a perfect soulmate for ev...
Captive by victorialennon
Captiveby Victoria Lennon
"What's your name?" I asked nervously. "Now you want to know my name?" He teased. "Just forget it." I quickly said. "Greyson." He...
Capo☑️ by Dragon_T9
Capo☑️by Lia
"How do you run the mafia?" he questions, wiping the corner of his mouth. "Well, I ground myself enough to not let the power get to my head, but I let my...
BLACK by saviorselves
BLACKby Emjae
She's the Luna of seven packs, with seven Alpha mates. Yet life's not all beauty for her, not in shifter society where women are born without the shifting gene and only...
Taken by breezyfictions
Takenby breezyfictions
Jessica Williams is a regular thirteen year old girl with one obsession: Chris Brown. Her mom is a whore, and doesn't care about her at all. When Jessica saves up enough...
Alone by UmHowShouldIKnow
Aloneby sooo....
"Sir, please stop! What's happening? I didn't mean to do anything wrong!! Sir, please!" "Filthy rogue, I'm tired of your kind trekking in here like nothi...
Taken and Trained ✔️ by LaurenMGranich
Taken and Trained ✔️by Lauren :)
Lev was taken from his family in a remote village when he was three years old. Now over four centuries old, he has been trained to take down and kill packs mercilessly...
heard you • dreamwastaken by scuffedaf
heard you • dreamwastakenby riley
A girl who has a tendency of rambling and a boy who likes to make sure she knows he isn't just listening to her. ****** mature language fem!oc x dwt childhood friendly...
My Best Friend's Moon (COMPLETE) by kayapelwrites
My Best Friend's Moon (COMPLETE)by Kay Apel
A rustle came from the bushes. I whipped my head up, and a pair of luminous eyes met mine. Both fear and panic held me to the ground. I couldn't scream or move. The eyes...