My Demon Servant (Book 1 of the Vanessa Solomon Series)

My Demon Servant (Book 1 of the Vanessa Solomon Series)

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Samantha Killian By samanthacassidy92 Completed

"So which is it going to be?" Kamar asked as he stood there staring at me.

I still wasn't sure which one I wanted. For one, Kamar had a deep hate for humans, and I didn't trust him to stop if he brought out one of my fears. And two, he had been too much of a dick to bring out any desires that I had. There had to be a loophole in here somewhere...

"I don't know." I muttered as I continued to weigh my options.

"Then I will choose for you." He began walking towards me, cutting through the water as if it knew to move around him. It was quite graceful for a demon, but the look in his eyes told me that he was determined to find out more about me. But why? My body was pressed against the wall as far as it would go as he made his way over to me. I looked up at him as he stood before me in his black boxers. God his body was so amazing and well proportioned. I looked from his waist to his chest and there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. There were a few scars that I would have liked to ask about, but you could barely see them against his ribs. I glanced at those strong arms again and began to wonder... If he was mine, I would have wanted them to wrap around me so I could feel just how strong they really were. I could feel my body tighten between my legs, and when I met his glowing red eyes... I completely regretted it.