Til Death Do We Wed (MXM)

Til Death Do We Wed (MXM)

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Miss Bonnett By MissBonnett Updated Dec 16, 2020

A 500 year old curse dictates that Blake and Daniel must get married before the end of the year or their families will suffer the grave consequences. However, the couple figures there must be some way to get around the curse, some way to convince the demon that created the curse to change the rules. There must be some way to be free from this arranged marriage. If only they could avoid falling in love too. 


Saying no to the arrange marriage is not an option. Blake's family will lose the magic that created their empire and if Daniel says no, his family of vampires will turn to dust. They can't say no without ruining the lives of the people they love the very most but... all Blake wants to do is be free and experience the world outside his sheltered lifestyle and Daniel just wants to focus on work and bringing his kingdom into a golden age. 

Blake finds himself in way over his head, realizing Danny, the kid he thought was such a punk, turns out to be Daniel, the future king of the largest coven of vampires in the world. He can't dance, doesn't know proper etiquette and doesn't even own one pair of dress shoes. Daniel puts himself to the task of changing Blake from being a pauper to a prince as long as they're engaged. 

 But why? What kind of demon makes a deal like that? What did the demon get from this? Those are the questions both Blake and Daniel ask each other and on one dumb drunk night, they decide to ask the demon, Ignacio, himself. Is there something more sinister involved in this contract? Are there ways someone else can bend it's rules?