Alpha Wolf: Mate ☆ Mine

Alpha Wolf: Mate ☆ Mine

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Just the name is enough to frighten.
Young in age but with burning eyes and stormy history, with a wolf that looks more like a prehistoric creature than a simple alpha wolf. 
He is the Alpha of Black Devil. It is said that those wolves had been cursed to born without a mate, their destiny to become feral, slowly devoured by their inner beasts.
Elena took a moment to examine his whole appearance. His nostrils flared, thick veins popped out of his face and neck, eyes pitched black, ears elongated inhumanly and frightening fangs pierced his lips.
Any other person would have run away.
In her eyes, he had never been so beautiful.
After this book, you will find yourself longing to hear that simple, but powerful word; the one that each of us crave to hear once in a lifetime: MATE
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Some reviews from my awesome readers:
If you read this book you probably already know how good it is, how characters have an actual personality, how reading this book makes you laugh, cry, and laugh even harder. We know it ,so what I wanted to add is the fact that the author is an amazing person."

Hrishita Dhavale:
"This book is amazing!! It's so far one of the only books that I've actually waited for an update. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody who loves reading Werewolf romances:)"

"Love love love love love love love love love this book 💕 probably going to read it again and again" 

"This book is great. The action, romance, humor, and plot are riveting. Its hard to find a book these days that do not need editing and this is one. Nicely done!"

Lorine Choi
"Your story keeps me wanting to read more. I honestly find its everything amazing.. I, actually, would love to buy a hard copy!"