The Alpha's Queen [COMPLETED]

The Alpha's Queen [COMPLETED]

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Vanessa Whitewood, a seventeen years old girl, living with her  greedy  foster parents. She was adopted when she was six years old. But believe me when I say she would be better alone on streets than being with them.
Werewolves are what she just read in story books. What comes upon her when she finds out that they exist in real? She is just a human, or so she thought.....
Damian Black, the unofficial King of the Blue moon City, is the richest, most handsome businessman but also the most ruthless  Alpha King of the Blood moon pack. He is the most desired man for every girl living there. Yet its death sentence for anyone who ever tries to make a eye contact with him. One might wonder what secret he hides.

But what will happen when Vanessa finds out that she is mated to an Alpha? 
Join them on their journey of love, sizzling romance and a little danger and secrets....

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