Until I Really Do

Until I Really Do

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"I volunteer. I will be your wife..." When he rose a brow, she covered the distance between them, her jaw set. "In name only."

He seemed to consider her words for a few seconds. "No," He finally said.

"What?!" Her pitch rose a notch, disappointment lacing her voice.

Taking a step that brought him face to face with her, "If you must be my wife, Blondie, then you must truly be my wife -in name, and in body." He leaned forward, his warm breath tickling her skin as his eyes ran down the length of her. "Frankly," He raised his eyes back to her. "I want all of you. All, or nothing."


Sharon Annabella Freelance is the only daughter of George Freelance, the town's drunk gambler. Not only has he gambled everything away, but he has managed to gamble his daughter away also. 

Left with no other choice, Sharon must marry and learn to live with the man her father lost a bet to. Well, he can have her but he will never possess her heart. That, he can bloody bet on! 


Mathew Steiner, in a desperate attempt to be independent, leaves the comfort of his father's wealth, moves to a small town, and buys a mansion he cannot fully afford yet. 

When Mathew's only hope of paying fully for the house is dashed, he is faced with two options;  return to his father, a failure or, get his hands on his inheritance left by his grandfather. There is only one problem with option two; he must find a wife to do so. 

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