TATGTF has been published! 
          	Step 16: How to Spot A Fake
          	Check it out! :)


Hi!! Will you ever finish uploading Art Thief’s Guide to Freedom?? 


I apologize if this upsets you @RC_Pointer.
          You are all welcome to read to find out the power of a story- how it changes lives, corrects mistakes and brings a family together, in these trying times.
          The past and present, expertly combined in one book.
          Please vote, comment and share.


Hi...I am really sorry that I plugged this here but I will feel blessed if you read my book. I am a new writer so I think you won't mind reading my first ever book on this platform and give me some valuable suggestions from your experience.
          I am currently writing a detective thriller with the title "The terror of tarantula". Pls take out some of your valuable time and give it a read. I promise you will not regret it if you love the detective thriller genre. Thank you :)


Just stopped by to say I really love your background picture! Did you take it? Love the books!


Hey There ! I'm Sorry to bug you but I'd be really glad if you got time to check out my story and support me .
          "Jay Aquinton" is updated on my profile, it's a story of a teenage detective, frankly my first story of this genre... Please Make Sure to Check it out, I'd love your comments, critique and it'd mean alot.
          If you liked Dazai, Sherlock or Ayanakoji i think you'll like Jay too...
          Well, Here's the synopsis...
          It's the death of a 14 year old detective Max Ryder, that brings his friend Jay to come out of shadows adapting a new reality for himself as he form a new identity and call himself M in front of the world and with help of Max's genius friend Claude, Government and his own friends from all across the world by his side he'll try to find the killer and confess his love for Max's old friend, Kate...