Hi everyone!!
          	Just wanted to update everyone about what's been going on. I'm sure you've all seen that a translated Indonesian version of Unholy Matrimony go up, which is a part of an international expansion of the Paid Stories program. 
          	In regards to Best Friends Forever updates, things have been very hectic for the past but (I've been working a pretty intense internship for the past 8 months and haven't had much time to dedicate to writing). I'm hoping now that I am working from home I will have more time to focus on the story.
          	Having said that, I hope everyone is safe and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe during this time. 


@xxinlove And your book is really good, girl you got me obsessed!


@xxinlove Even though you guys ignore me a lot, check out my #1 romance writing daddy (or mama, I don't know your gender sweetie!) @maskedechandalux! She writes books too and I really can't wait to read them! 
          	  Online support group coming my way?
          	  Online therapists to finally go crazy on?
          	  Who know!
          	  Bye luvs!


@xxinlove  yeeees please i love your writing and since holy matrimony came out i am litteraly dying to know tobias's point of view !!! please it would be AMAZING if you could try to update at least one chapter !! thx and you're the beeest <3


Hey, buddies, grab your cup of motivation.
                    I hook my arms behind my head and lay my back on a chair. I sigh. “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your sunshine.” 
                    I raise a finger at you and look your dead in the eyes. “If you want the light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.” 
                   A mischievous smirk sandwiches my lips.“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” 
                   I kick off from my chair, twirl on my sneakers, and stride closer to you with a smoothie. (it's yours.) “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” I shove the mug into your hands.
                    “Sweetheart, you are worth a million dollars. You are the someone in someone's life. You are the light in someone's darkness.”
                     “You are someone's endless wifi — a smile.”
          Morning boast from Ya boy, Ty, have it Blessed. 


Hi when will you publish 'unholy matrimony' into a book I am super excited! Please tell me about it! It's suuuuper amazing!  


Hey, I just wanted to check up. I hope you’re doing well. Take all the time that you need for you! You’re an amazing writer and don’t let anyone tell you different! Hang in there! ❤️


@xxinlove I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome experience  on wattpad.I didn't realized  how much I loved to read until I read your story. "Unholy Matrimony" it was one of the best ones I read here on wattpad. I read it when it was still free and I love it so much. Hope you write more soon.
          With Love 
          wwwsimpcom ❤


Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. Whenever you have the time or if you're looking for something new to read, check out my book, "Two's Company" here on Wattpad.
          It's teenage romance and completed with 58 chapters. Each chapter contains 3000-5000 words and clicking on the link given below will take you straight to my story.
          Thank you and stay safe everyone :)


Misi numpang lewat 
          Izin promosi kak yaaaa
          Percintaan karyawati bobrok dan CEO protective
          Langsung baca aja ya gaes
          Happy reading
          Ditunggu kehadiran kalian
          Jangan lupa simpan di library kalian yaa